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Washougal River


Washougal River (Clark County): The Washougal supports an excellent summer and winter steelhead fishery. Summer-run fishing peaks in June and July, while the winter-run catches are usually best in December and January. Sea-run cutthroat fishing picks up in the fall. Remember that wild cutthroat and steelhead must be released. Fall chinook and coho run in the Washougal too, but runs are anticipated to be down this year. Check the pamphlet for special salmon restrictions, and be alert for emergency closures.

Recent Reports

July 25, 2000
Thanks to: James Watts
report = Me and my friend were fishing the upper Washougal and we saw about 6 steelhead in a hole right below a water fall so we drifted eggs and right a way I hooked in to a nice steelhead but it ran under the rock ledge and it cut my line. My friend on the other hand had about 4 on and each one came un hooked except for one, but it was a native probibly 8 lbs.fish on...
Dec. 25, 1999
Thanks to: Rich Blair
I went down to the river as soon as my wife would let me go after opening Christmas gifts. I got to the river at 9:30 and found a nice tailout to fish. I landed my first fish on the 5th cast, a bright 28 inch,5-lb hen. I was using a small orange scale spin-n-glo and eggs, with a sliding slinky. I'm going back tomorrow, good luck.
Aug. 31, 1999
Thanks to: Romeo Rachi
Went fishing around 6:30 and got on the river at 7:00. It was slow for the first two hours. About nine, my little brother (11) breaks the ice and hooks into a fish. He fought the fish for about two minutes and then lost it. He then caught another fish on his second cast. He landed this fish. It was a nice bright hen about 25 lbs. I also hooked two fish but only landed one fish. A big buck about 30 lbs. This all happened in about 30 minutes. Three other fellows caught fish. After that it died. I will be back though on Thursday. Tight lines.
Aug. 31, 1999
Thanks to: Danny-Romeo-Simon
When we first got there teh fishing ws very slow. Nobody hooked not a single fish in the past three hours. Then all of a sudden the fishing was wild. About 12 fish were hooked in 15 minutes. After that it slowed down again and we took off. We left with a 20-lb. hen. It was a beautiful fish. Fish on!
July 16, 1999
Thanks to: Sean Wagnon
Fished all afternoon with sand shrimp then switched to worms and plugs. Hooked 1 at three lost it because I slipped on a rock saw a 12 pound steelhead caught and I caught and released 2, 12 inch rainbows. Going again tomorrow bright and early.
May 13, 1999
Thanks to: Chris Yule
First hole of the day, we threw a few casts. We were drifting eggs. About the seventh cast I was on the bottom of the tail out and incredibly the pole just got hammered. I said, "There he is, fish on". The hook was set and the fight was on. I landed a 8 lb native steelhead, which was immediately released.
   Right after releasing the native, my buddy, Ian Houston, hooked into another nice steelhead. He landed another native, this one weighed approximately 9 lbs. This one was also immediatley released.
   We then shifted holes and on the third hole the drift looked killer. And what do you know, I picked up another one. This one was a hatchery fish (AT LAST)!! It weighed right at 15 lbs. This all bright, fresh fish is now resting comfortably in my refrigerator. Many other fish were hooked, but most were natives. The 15 pounder was the only hatchery fish caught by us today. What an awesome day on the river!
Sept. 27, 1998
Thanks to: Elena Mercer
Washougal River salmon run is the most fantastic sight at the High Bridge. 40-50lb. Salmon are beating the hell out of themselves to go over the small falls right next the old salmon ladder. It is the most awesome fantatic sight. If you sit on the rocks right next to the falls they literally jump up into your lap. Who's the say the Salmon run is perfect! Ahhh.... Fish & Wildlife really sucks sometimes.
It's beautiful....BUT....you can only watch....the area is closed to fishing.

For those of you who revere this scene, take the drive and take your camera the run will only last for about 5 more days.

June 7, 1997
Thanks to Pimpyn4u@aol.com for the following report:
I went to a hole on the upper Washougal river and caught 2 nice steelhead one 12 pounds and one 9 pounds.

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